Whether you visit us for the first time or you are a registered user, our effort is to simplify the purchasing process and make it pleasant and quick to have real meaning the adoption of on-line purchasing from you.

1. Find one that interests you. On every page of the site, always on the left side, you will find a classification that will help you get faster to what you want. Once you find what you are interested in you view the photo, title, code, description, size class and its price, and clicking on the photo to enlarge.

2. Add in the basket. Seeing a product in analytical form, you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking the corresponding button in the basket. If you want to buy other products you can continue with your purchases in the same way and add products to the basket in which your previous choices always remain. At any time you can see your cart and make changes, such as change quantity, delete products, etc., or to save it and complete your purchases later. Whenever you make changes, by pressing the refresh button, they inform the system. These are activated only by entering the username and the security code, since so what you do is stored and when you logout it remains in the system for later use.

3. Registration & Security. The first time you want to make purchases will have to enter all your necessary data, such as contact, billing (in case of companies), etc. As a user name (username), automatically recorded by the system to your e-mail address and it is sent in this, the access code (password) that is automatically generated by the system. Unlike 95% of the Greek on-line stores, apply security certificate and encryption 128bit (highest possible worldwide) in the registration page of your personal information, because as important are your funds secured from the bank, so it is and your personal data. In cooperation with GEOTRUST, one of the two major world powers in the encryption space, we assure that your anonymity is ensured and that nobody is going to steal your personal information. The implementation of the above encryption may delay the loading of secure pages about 5-6 seconds, but we think it's worth it! On your next purchase, you will only need to login with a username (your e-mail) and password, as the system will remember about you the other components for faster and pleasant markets. At any time you can modify this information if something changed (e.g. telephone number, billing information, etc.), always in a safe environment. We emphasize, that a change of access code (password) must always be new to at least 6 characters (not Greek!), which can be letters, numbers or symbols (e.g., $, *, &, #). The password is "case sensitive", which means that uppercase and lowercase letters are perceived by system as different, even if they are the same. For example, the "f" and "F" are not the same.

4. Add shipping information. The next step is to add the shipping data (consignee's name, desired delivery time, etc.). To make sure that your order will be delivered when you want, read the text on the shipments of orders.

5. Track your order. Here you can check for the last time the correctness of your order details and if you need to modify them, and then proceed to the payment.

6. Payment & Complete order. Here now you go to the page in which you select a payment method and complete your order.